Top 5 Things I’ve Learned This Summer

Well, this summer has come to a close and I wanted to leave you with a list of the top five things I’ve learned during my time at Sundog!

  1. Lean on those who can help you. In school you are taught to always do your own work, but here in a team I’ve learned that in order to create an awesome product, you have to lean on those around you.
  2. Your advisers are geniuses. Take as much advantage of your advisers as you can! They have a lot of industry knowledge and will be happy to give advice. Some things you can only learn from people who have worked in the field.
  3. Take a moment. The most important mental health step for everyday is to take a moment to walk away from work. I like to go grab coffee in the morning to get my brain in the zone for spreadsheets! I think it is important to come back to problems with a fresh set of eyes, and a good caffeine rush.
  4. Always ask for more. Asking for more work to do is a great way to learn new and different things that may be outside your responsibilities. It also is a way to learn more about what other employees work on all day. You get the opportunity to help someone and learn something new yourself!
  5. What can you do better today? Lastly, I like to ask myself every morning, “What can you do better today?” so that I can always be improving my work style and increasing my knowledge. If you try to do at least one thing a little better everyday, you will have pride in your accomplishments and progress.

This has been an amazing experience and it truly has been wonderful to work with such a great company like Sundog. After this summer I will be heading back to finish my last year at MSUM and then moving back down to the Twin Cities to start applying for jobs!

Thank you for everything, Sundog!

Alecia, PM Intern.