Wow, I Figured Out Mass Updating!

by McKenzie Klatt

Do you know the feeling when you figure something out that makes either your life, school, or work incredibly easier? This week during my internship at Sundog, I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do a task that I had been spending a tedious amount of time doing. Before I get into the story of what that task was, I will give you a little background information on what made me think of this idea in the first place.

I just started my last semester at North Dakota State University, and I enrolled in an elective course that I knew would have a great impact on my career growth for the future ahead; CRM and Sales Technology. I knew that the course would be beneficial for me, but I didn’t realize how intrigued I would actually be in the class information. We have only had 4 class sessions so far, and I absolutely love it because I can tie everything that I am learning in the class back to my internship at Sundog.

At Sundog, we use the CRM tool called Salesforce ( In my CRM course at NDSU, we began to learn about this particular tool, and it got me super excited because I already had background information and experience on the product. So I took advantage of the situation, asked more than enough questions about ABM tactics, data importing/exporting/updating, and questions about what can make me better at doing my job. Although, the demonstrator of another Salesforce user did not have all the answers to my questions, another demonstrator answered my question but with a different CRM tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Even though, they are different products, I knew had to have to same capability that Microsoft does, and I just had to figure it out.

Alright, back to the highlight of my week. So, a huge part of my job is researching manufacturing companies and finding contacts within those companies. When I get that information, I need to upload and add it to Sundog’s CRM to put our company in a strong position for running ABM campaigns to these accounts for potential business in the future. The task I was trying to figure out was a more efficient way of updating a mass amount of contacts country codes at one time. Yes, I know, it doesn’t seem like something like this should be hard to figure out. This week I was working on uploading over one thousand contacts to our CRM, and I started thinking back to my CRM and Sales Technology class at NDSU. I knew there had to be a way to mass update all of these contacts at once. So, I did some researching and came across the solution of Data Loader, a tool within Salesforce. Then I reached out to a coworker of mine for more information on this tool and was informed it can be risky to use. Fortunately, he informed me of an alternative way to do exactly was it is that I wanted to do! He showed me the precise steps to take in order to update a mass amount of contacts country codes at one time. Once I completed my first trial and it worked, wow. I had the biggest smile on my face because by reaching out to a coworker for help, it made my job easier, more efficient and in the long run, it will make Sundog better.

I guess the moral of the story here is that you should never stop striving to be better. Sure, you can settle for getting the job done on time and with satisfaction. But, something that makes me who I am is trying to be better, faster, and more efficient at what I do each day. I get excited when I contribute to projects and tasks with processes that make things easier.

McKenzie Klatt

Marketing Research and Intelligence Intern